Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Hotel Service Operations Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Hotel Service Operations Management - Assignment Example The company intends on becoming a four-star hotel by increasing professionalism as well as the auxiliary services that characterize its dealing in the working calendar. The business is outstanding the test of time with reference to the returns on capital employed index. Thus, the company in the fourth year of its practice will improve on the pricing, the promotion, the distribution, the staffing and the environmental measures. In accordance to the fields, the company anticipates in growing past the mark that is evident in the third-year net income. The HOTS hotel is a three star in the rating of services. The reason is that the services that the hotel offers are much more affordable. The services include a swimming pool, a telephone, a television set, a private bathroom, twenty-four hours front office and an available room service attendant. The hotel also provides a fitness center as well as massage services plus sauna services. In the last three years, the hotel did not quite reach full potential. However, the hotel did have several achievements. The first is the development of careers especially the workers who have become more professional. The hotel has found special links that pose as a vast consumer base. The company is also gaining popularity from the consistent adverts of good services in the services industry. The hotel as per the graph shows a positive growth in terms of the total income in the first year. However, there is no stable income since the seasons in the hospitality industry creates the instability. However, the total revenue tends to increase as the second year of practice. The firm starts at a significant pace but does not sustain the bigger number of the total revenue. Thus, the total revenues drop again as the year elopes. The scenario repeats in the third year thus creating s cyclic history of the practice. The net income tends to be negative since the firm does not reach the cutoff point

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